Blackpin develops B2B transaction platform based on Tangle

IOTA: Blackpin develops B2B transaction platform based on Tangle

German startup Blackpin wants to develop a B2B transaction platform based on the IOTA tangle for its DSGVO-compliant messaging app.

German startup Blackpin is looking to expand its highly secure messaging solution for B2B use into a digital Bitcoin Future transaction platform for the European market using IOTA. Blackpin announced this in a press release on 16 December.

Within the framework of a strategic partnership with IOTA and the software developer PlanB, the „most secure transaction platform for Europe“ is to be created.

Tangle integration for B2B transactions

Customers of the messenger provided by Blackpin are to be able to automatically sell and charge for products or services for the B2B sector such as support and consulting within the app „in the near future“. For the implementation, Blackpin relies on IOTA Smart Contracts and the IOTA Digital Identity solution based on the tangle.

According to Blackpin CEO Sandra Jörg, Blackpin’s technology, similar to WeChat in China in the C2C sector, is to be used in the B2B sector as far as possible throughout Europe. Blackpin describes the functionality of the planned feature as follows:

„In this way, the required time recording – for example during a consultation or a route to the customer or patient – is automatically tracked in combination with location-related geo-information and logs are created. The determined data form the basis for precise invoicing. In this way, employee, consultation or purchase contracts can be processed fully automatically.“

Sandra Jörg (Blackpin), Tobias Schmailzl (PlanB) and Holger Köther (IOTA Foundation) reveal more about the partnership with IOTA and the planned integration of the tangle in an interview published on YouTube:

IOTA relies on collaborations

The cooperation with Blackpin joins a long list of existing collaborations with which IOTA promotes the use and thus the acceptance of the tangle. Just a few days ago, IOTA announced a strategic partnership for solutions to combat climate change with the technology company ClimateCheck. In November, IOTA had just announced its entry into the blockchain and IoT research lab of the Vienna University of Technology.